by Neville Conway

Narcissus Books  120pp
ISBN: 978-0-9543848-5-2

First published January 2009

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The Book

Love of all kinds, melancholy, happiness, death, comedy, depression, nonsense, despair, philosophy, pathos, satire, relationships, tragedy – all these are to be found in this wide-ranging collection of poetry, which contains free verse, structured verse, word games, jingles, and a few more sonnets. Something in Gallimaufry will resonate for you, whatever your mood. Above all, though sometimes complex and many layered, these verses are accessible, read easily, and say something.


Old in the flesh, we
and our loving now;
young in the summoning
of pilfered hours,
wrung flights
palmed recklessly.
We drove together,
parked (stock rites,
fresh liturgies),
subsumed, laid by
each other's sighing
death in life,
new-tombed inside
necessity. Cramped
in the back, you
crying out, I stayed,
encamped within, my breath
rife in your mouth,
name in your thought,
want in your blood;
my rout of self
cant, finally.

One of Daniel's other poems to Frances


The Author

Neville Conway was formerly consultant cardiologist at the Wessex Regional Cardiac Centre, Southampton.

He published two medical books, and fifty scientific papers and leaders. For five years he was associate editor of the British Heart Journal, and was an invited English language editor to the proceedings of two world congresses.

He writes novels, non-fiction and poetry. A short story won First Prize some years ago at the Southampton Writers' Conference.